Kingdom of Hollister Overview

Hollister has stood as a kingdom for only the last 85 years and was formed under Alphonse I’s “war of Salvation.” He expanded his rule of the Kingdom of Hollister to the surrounding 4 Kingdoms under the pretense of defending these resource rich Kingdoms from invasion by various “barbarian tribes.” By uniting the five kingdoms and implementing an extremely rigorous resources sharing program between them, and uniting there armed forces under one rule, he has created a very fruitful kingdom that can aggressively defend it’s borders from outside forces. Although the general public of all 5 counties is now enjoying a period of great peace and prosperity, they do live under the rule of a government far from their local, and the taxation practices are far reaching.


Borigen: Central district and home of the capital city

Zenin Bay: Body of water that extends northwest from the county of Borigen and borders Atilier and the north mountains of Whistler

Atelier: Farming county Southwest of the central county- Borders the Hardlands to the south, The Gundumunz Crags to the Northwest, the Bay’s Hand river to the north and Marble River to the southwest.

Galean: Logging and mining district south of Borigen. Bordered to the east by the Bristol Range that become the Belknap Hills and ultimately Mareman’s Marshes to the north. Marble River borders the south and the Plainlands lay on the other side. The Muir Woods takes up much of the south and east of the county.

Chanaan: Known as the merchants county. Home to the 7 great cities of industry. Lake Miros lay in the center and the White Oak Woods are in the north and extend into the county of the Jeweled Coast.

Jeweled Coast: Home to the five magic colleges. Bordered by the Giliai Sea to the East and the Fayrlands to the South.

Kingdom of Hollister Overview

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