Homebrew Magic Item Stats

Familial Swords FIND THEIR NAMES
Currently equipped by Maggie
Story of the swords
Stats and level up capabilities

The Bloody Basher
Currently equipped by Kegs
Story of the bloody basher
Stats of the bloody basher

The Ebon Blighter
-Currently equipped by Kegs_
Story of the Ebon Blighter
Stats of the Ebon Blighter

Jealous Lover Bow
Currently equipped by Nail
Story of the jealous lover bow
Stats of the bow

Kemoth’s Wineskin
Currently equipped by Scotch
Story of the wineskin
Stats of the wineskin

Demonic Soul Orbs
Currently used by Ethan and Scotch
Insert history of the soul orbs and details of their creation
Stats of soul orbs

The Golden Oak
Currently worn by Alton
Story of the golden oak
Stats of the golden oak

The Golden Shield
Stats of the golden shield

The Golden Sword
Stats of the golden sword

The Pieces of Hecate
Various owners noted by piece below
Story of the pieces of Hecate
Stats of the pieces of Hecate

Homebrew Magic Item Stats

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