Hollister Major Cities

Listed below are the major cities of Hollister by county

Karalius – the massive capital city of Hollister on Zenin Bay

Agriela – the bustling epicenter of the Atelian farm lands

Wythe – the city of bankers.
Gnormir – the city of inventors.
Facilica – the home of the great marketplace and the central letter bureau.
Duernica – the city of the great forgesmiths.
Talosi – the city of the great loom.
Rhiner – the colorful city of gems.
Volarta – the charming city of antiques and curios.

Jeweled Coast
Not known for it’s cities, the Jeweled Coast is known for its major colleges
Godsmoon Falls College – college of general wizard studies and some bardic studies
Alric UniversityDESCRIPTION
Minister’s College – college of applied knowledge, less magic more skill and engineering
Reichbach UniversityDESCRIPTION
Brumbridge – most prestigious of the universities, known for its scholarship and revered antiquaries

Bergendorf – the old home of the Galean royal family and current capital city of Galean

Hollister Major Cities

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