Hollister Landmarks and Landscapes

Notable landmarks and natural sites of note:

Bay’s Hand – River fed by Zenin Bay that extends between Atelier and Borigen

Bristol Range – mountain range that sits between the border of Atelier and Galean

Belknap Hills – hills at the bottom of the Bristol Range and before the Mareman Marsh

Giliai Sea – eastern sea by the Jeweled Coast

Lake Miros – large lake in the middle of Chanaan

Mareman’s Marshes – swamplands adjacent to Dyrethorpe

Muir Woods – massive forest between Galean and Chanaan that extends to the south

The Gundumunz Crags – craggy mountains on the western border of Atelier

White Oak Woods – Northern forest area between Borigen and Chanaan

Zenin Bay – Borders Atelier and Borigen counties

Hollister Landmarks and Landscapes

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