Gun Mechanics Explained

This is an explanation of how guns will work in our DnD Wild West Campaign. Gun mechanics are subject to changes and tweaks as we see how their use plays out. We’ll inform you all of any changes between campaigns.
One shot per reload.
Reloading requires an action.
Expensive. One bullet and the requisite gunpowder costs the equivalent of a full quiver.
Players must carry a powder horn for their gunpowder.
If the player takes fire damage there is a chance the powder horn can explode causing massive damage to the player and anyone nearby.
Guns cannot be used when wet.
Disadvantage on rolls against targets that have taken cover.

Guns are a standard DEX based weapon. All attacks with guns use your DEX modifier.

Headshot Mechanic: All guns score critical hits on rolls of 18-20. This gives anyone holding the gun a critical hit chance equal to a high level fighter. This is the intended mechanic, as guns can make even an ordinary peasant the equal to a high level fighter (for exactly one shot).

Fail Mechanics: All guns suffer a penalty if you roll a 2 or lower. Those penalties are detailed below.

Gun Stats

20ft range, disadvantage on rolls beyond 20ft.
1d8 piercing damage
Fail Mechanic: On a roll of 2 or lower the gun jams, and requires a short rest to repair.

10ft range (-3 to damage for each 5ft beyond)
1d10 bludgeoning damage
Can hit multiple targets if they are occupying the same 5ft square.
Fail Mechanic: On a roll of 2 or lower the Blunderbuss backfires causing 1d4 damage.

30ft range (-3) Hit Penalty if used on targets within 5ft.
1d10 piercing damage
Fail Mechanic: On a roll of 2 or lower the rifle jams, requiring a short rest to repair.


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